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common ground is organized by progressive Vietnamese American community members, artists, and activists committed to cultivating a positive and safe healing space for artistic growth and community empowerment. The common ground collective builds collaborations across communities and supports the work of social justice spaces.

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Once again our good friend Jane Lee is back to perform, this time at our January show! Jane took some time to share with us what self-care means to her,

For me, self-care starts with the self-awareness and humility to recognize that i’m only human, that my capacity is limited, and that it’s ok to ask for help. self-care is acknowledging my own self-worth, knowing that i deserve to be well and that my well-being is worth treasuring, protecting, and nurturing. it’s knowing when to say no, when to let go, when to move on, when to be still… self-care is knowing how to “treat yo self” in constructive ways so you can in turn be a treat to others. 

Come see Jane’s performance at our show this upcoming Thursday, Jan. 3rd. If you are feeling stressed from all the New Year celebrations, you can start self-care by listening to the soothing sounds of Jane’s vocals on her Myspace.


SAVE the DATE: Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don’t forget to come with your new year resolutions, because the theme for our first show is “self-care”. 


Stephanie South // DJ

Trung Nguyen // spoken word & story-telling

Jane Lee // guitar & vocals

Jumakae // piano & vocals

Collin Tateishi // live art

We ask for a $5 donation at the door, but no one will be turned down for lack of funds.

Doors open & Open mic sign-ups start at 7:00!

Show starts at 7:30pm!

Location is at VAALA: Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association

1600 N.Broadway, Santa Ana CA 92706

For more information, check our event page here

Singer/songwriter Jane Lee is one of our August 2nd WOMYN SHOW features. How does art empower her as a womyn?

ever since i was a little girl, singing was an emotional and spiritual outlet for me. no matter how beat down i was, when i was singing i felt free. as a child, when i was upset or frustrated, i remember going to my room, slamming my door shut, picking up my walkman, blasting wilson phillips and singing at the top of my lungs. over the years, i’ve come to recognize what a special gift music has been in my life. to this day, when i’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or burdened, i find somewhere i can be alone, pick up my guitar, strum a simple melody over and over again and just sing whatever is on my heart, no matter how incoherent or nonsensical it may sound. it’s one of the few spaces that i can feel completely unconstrained from the limitations and pressures society imposes on me as a womyn, as asian american, as a young person… songwriting provides a venue for me to vent, reflect, dream, process my thoughts and feelings, and just sing it out and release it. it’s been a huge part of my healing and growth process, and i hope to continue to grow as an artist who writes honest music that not only empowers myself, but inspires and empowers others.

The show is tomorrow. Come see Jane Lee and other amazing womyn share their art live on stage!